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Live video of death: Bomb exploded during victory celebration, piece of glass entered the stomach of an innocent, CCTV footage surfaced

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Kumar Inder, Jabalpur. A 5-year-old child died in Jabalpur during the celebration of India winning the T20 World Cup. CCTV footage of this incident has surfaced. In this, it can be seen that some children burn a bomb and cover it with a steel glass. As soon as the bomb explodes, the glass shatters and enters the stomach of a child standing nearby.

It is being told that the children were bursting the remaining firecrackers at night. People rush to the child injured by the bomb and immediately take him to the hospital. But the child dies in the hospital.

The name of the innocent child is being told as Deepak alias Rudra Pratap Thakur. He was first taken to a private hospital for treatment. From where he was referred to the district hospital Victoria. The injured innocent breathed his last before he could reach the district hospital. This heart-wrenching incident has created silence in the entire area. The family is immersed in mourning.

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