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Indore: BJP leader’s murder case, family members protest, demand hanging of the accused

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Hemant Sharma, Indore. The family members along with the residents protested demanding strict action against the accused in the case of shooting and killing of a BJP leader in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. After the Municipal Corporation bulldozed the house of the accused, the family members alleged that the corporation did not demolish the entire house of the accused.

A sex racket was going on in the house: Police raided the house, 13 young men and women were arrested in objectionable condition

After which the family reached Chimanbagh square and raised slogans. The family demands that the accused be hanged and their entire house be demolished. The police officers counselled the family members who were creating a ruckus at the square. After which they stopped protesting. Currently the accused are on two-day police remand and the police is interrogating the accused.

this whole matter

Monu Kalyan was shot dead near Chimanbagh crossing late last Saturday night. Police had registered a case of murder and attempted murder against Piyush Pathrod and Arjun Pathrod. Both were arrested from Bhopal on Sunday morning. In the preliminary interrogation, the accused told that they had old disputes with Monu. Monu was their neighbor since childhood. Monu had created problems in other family matters as well. Due to which both Arjun and Piyush decided to take revenge from him.

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