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Entry of Rajasthan’s Tiger in Kuno National Park: Ranthambore went missing 6 months before the century, the climate here is like that of leopards.

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Arif Qureshi, Sheopur. A tiger has been seen continuously for the last several days in Kuno National Park, the only home of leopards in the country. This male tiger is the cub of the century female tiger T 102 of Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan. Who had gone missing 6 months before Ranthambore Century. Wildlife experts have told that after leaving Ranthambore, this tiger first reached the forest of Gangapur. From there, Karauli again after staying in the forest of Dholpur, crossed the border of Rajasthan through Chambal river and entered the border of Morena district of MP. And now it has reached Kuno National Park.

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This tiger, which reached Kuno National Park after traveling about 500 kilometers, is liking the climate of Kuno like other tigers. He is also filling his stomach by continuously hunting wild animals in the jungles and eating the meat of his favorite animals. Now wildlife experts are opining that the number of male tigers in Ranthambore Sanctuary is considerable. Therefore there is no need to bring Tiger back from Kuno.

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In such a situation, if the Madhya Pradesh government releases a female tiger to Kuno, then the tiger population here can increase. Regarding this, the tiger which went missing 6 months ago from Ranthambore Century in Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan, has reached Coon after traveling 500 kilometers. Now the tigers are enjoying the climate here. Rajasthan’s wildlife expert Dharmendra Khandal said that the leopards in Kuno are currently in cages, so there is no problem for them. But it is possible that this may become a crisis for leopards in the future.

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