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Corruption in the sports and youth welfare department, even after spending lakhs of rupees the situation is worse, administration is silent

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GS Bharti, Sehore. A big fraud going on in the Sports and Youth Welfare Department in Sehore district of Madhya Pradesh has been exposed. Even after spending lakhs of rupees, the condition of the only indoor stadium in the district remains worse than bad. Players from the entire city come there to play. But there is a great lack of facilities. The spectators are sitting as silent spectators.

The level of negligence is such that last year the Sports and Youth Welfare Department was sanctioned Rs 50 lakh for the repair of the indoor stadium. The Police Housing Department also did the repairs, but only for show. While the entire stadium starts leaking water during the rains, the sheets are rotting. The matting that has been laid for playing badminton is also old.

Whereas the contractor has taken money for new matting. There is a pile of dirt in the toilet. The tiles are completely broken. There is no water in the tap. Dirt is spread all around. In such a situation, how will the players who come there practice, this is a big question. In this regard, Collector Praveen Singh says that the matter will be investigated and action will be taken.

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