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Corruption continues in the Transport Department for 7 years: No check on illegal collection, Bus Association President alleges, if the checkpoints are not closed by July 9, freight transport will be stopped in MP

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Hemant Sharma, Indore. Indore Sarvate Bus Association President Govind Sharma said that corruption has been going on in the transport department for the last seven years. Additional Transport Commissioner Umesh Joga issued a letter admitting that instructions were issued in 2017 to stop illegal recovery, but they were not followed. As a result, illegal recovery from trucks, buses and other cargo carriers continues with the connivance of transport officials and outside goons.

2017 orders and their disregard

Govind Sharma has alleged that in the year 2017, instructions were issued to immediately stop the illegal collection of money being done through outside goons at transport posts. The purpose of these orders was to ensure transparency and honesty in the transport department. However, the local Regional Transport Officer (RTO) and Divisional Transport Deputy Commissioner (DTO) did not follow these orders. With their joint connivance, this illegal collection continued unabated.

Pattern of extortion

More than 50 goons are involved in illegal extortion at each barrier at transport checkpoints. These goons are illegally extorting billions of rupees from trucks, buses and cargo vehicles. This situation not only tarnishes the image of the transport department but also causes great trouble to the general public and transporters.

Demand of Prime Route Bus Owners Association

Prime Route Bus Owners Association state president Pandit Govind Sharma has raised this issue and sent a copy of Umesh Joga’s letter to the Chief Minister. He has demanded that immediate action be taken against the corruption mentioned in this letter. Sharma said that this letter is proof that corruption is at its peak in the Transport Department and the Madhya Pradesh government is silent on this. He also informed that the Truck Association and Bus Association have demanded to stop corruption through memorandum and agitation many times. If action is not taken on this order within two days, then the Prime Route Bus Owners Association along with the Truck Association will apprise the Chief Minister of all the circumstances. After this further necessary action will be taken. There is a need to take immediate and strict steps to stop the ongoing corruption in the Transport Department. Effective measures should be taken to curb illegal recovery and corruption so that the image of the department can be improved and the general public can get relief. The administration should pay serious attention to this matter and take strict action against the culprits.

All India Motor Transport warned the government

Mal Manpreet Singh, President of All India Motor Transport Core Committee, has warned the government that if the government does not close these border checkpoints before the meeting of All India Motor Transport Association on July 9, then freight transport in Madhya Pradesh will be forced to be stopped in the meeting to be held on July 9. The government will be fully responsible for this. The government had promised before the elections that these border checkpoints will be closed after the elections. But the government has not closed these checkpoints till now. For the last time, the government is being instructed to close these checkpoints before July 9.