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Bulldozer ran on encroachment, people had occupied the area near government school, commotion ensued

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Manish Jaiswal, Burhanpur. The administration is continuing its action against encroachment in Madhya Pradesh. In this episode, the administration’s bulldozer has been used on the permanent houses and temporary shops built by encroaching land near government schools in Burhanpur district. After this action, there is panic among the encroachers.

According to the information, people had encroached the land near Government School Harirpura and Urdu School. The encroachers had built permanent houses and temporary shops with tin sheds. In such a situation, the administration was constantly receiving complaints about this. After the complaint, the corporation reached to remove the encroachment. During this action, the corporation officials and police force were present on the spot.

It is worth noting that recently the team that went to remove encroachment in Gwalior was beaten up. The corporation employee who went to remove encroachment in the city center area was beaten up. Not only this, illegal hotel and restaurant operators sat in front of the JCB and started showing arrogance. In such a situation, when the corporation employees removed him, he slapped one of the corporation employees.

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