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A passenger’s health deteriorated after eating a biscuit offered by an unknown person in a train: RPF took him to hospital, suspicion of poisoning

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Imran Khan, Khandwa. A passenger was deboarded from the train at Khandwa railway station on suspicion of poisoning in Kashi Express. It is being told that after eating biscuits, the passenger’s health deteriorated and he was having problems. The RPF team has also deboarded the person who fed the biscuits from the train and has taken him into custody. The passenger has been admitted to the district hospital for treatment.

At present, the RPF team is investigating the matter. The passenger travelling from Mumbai to Prayagraj said that a person he met on the train gave him a biscuit, which he ate. After some time of eating the biscuit, he started feeling dizzy and his throat started hurting. After this, he suspected that he might have been poisoned and he immediately informed the railway staff about this. However, the passenger is undergoing treatment at the district hospital.

In these ways, travelers can avoid poisoning

Do not trust a stranger. Do not take food items from a stranger. Buy food items only from the stalls and parlors at the railway station and bus stand. If you see someone suspicious, inform immediately. Be cautious of people sitting near you while traveling. Be cautious while waiting for bus and train at the station and bus stand.

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