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A laborer died after falling from a height in a metal company, work was being done without safety equipment, family members protested by keeping the body, demanding compensation

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Dev Chauhan, Bhojpur (Raisen). A major accident took place in Saurabh Metal Company in Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh. A laborer died due to the negligence and mismanagement of the management. The deceased fell from above while working and died on the spot. He was not provided with safety equipment due to which he died. The relatives of the deceased protested by placing his body at the gate of the company. They told the police that they will not remove the body until they get compensation. Even if they are hanged. The incident is from Mandideep police station area.

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Actually Ghasiram Sagoria Mehra used to work in Saurabh Metal Factory located in Mandideep. Like every day, today also he was working in the company. He was being made to work at height without providing safety equipment. During this, suddenly his foot slipped and he fell straight down. Due to which he died on the spot. As soon as the news of the death of the laborer was received, dozens of his relatives reached there and started protesting by placing his body outside the company gate.

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As soon as the information was received, SDM, SDOP, Tehsildar, TI and police force reached the spot. They tried a lot to convince the protesting family members. But the family members remained adamant on their demand for compensation. The administration is talking to the family members and the company management.

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