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3 arrested for chain snatching: Minors also involved, they used to commit the crime to fulfill their expensive hobbies

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Ren Agarwal, Dhar. Dhar police of Madhya Pradesh has arrested three accused of chain snatching to fulfill their expensive hobbies. This includes a juvenile as well. In this case, the police has made the person who bought the stolen goods as the accused. Apart from this, two stolen bikes and stolen goods have also been seized from the possession of the accused. Currently, the police is taking legal action against the arrested accused.

Police reached the accused through footage from 25 CCTV cameras

In fact, the chain snatching incident of women was carried out on 23 and 29 June in Rajgarh police station area. Seeing the seriousness of the case, SP Manoj Kumar Singh himself inspected the crime scene and increased patrolling in the area. Also, a team was formed to arrest the accused. In this case, SDOP Ashutosh Patel said that the Rajgarh police station and the cyber branch team took joint action and searched the footage of 25 CCTV cameras. After which the police team interrogated the accused Mahesh, Anil and a minor by taking them into custody. During interrogation, they admitted to committing the crime on the elderly woman on 23 June. Also, all three confessed to committing the crime in Rajgarh on 29 June.

The person who bought the stolen goods was also arrested

Police station in-charge Sanjay Rawat said that on the information given by the accused, the gold chain looted from their house has been recovered. The chain looted near Mataji temple in Rajgarh broke into two pieces. One piece was sold by accused Mahesh to goldsmith Piyush. The police has seized it and the goldsmith has also been made an accused in this case and has been arrested. Goods worth Rs. 3 lakh 40 thousand including 2 gold chains looted and two bikes used in the crime have been seized.

The bike used in the crime was found to be stolen from Rajgarh and Indore’s Shipra police station area. According to the police, the mastermind of the crime is a juvenile offender. He used to carry out the crime with his accomplices after roaming around in Rajgarh area and doing recce. Currently, the police have registered a case against the accused and are interrogating them about other crimes.

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