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Politics heated up over BJP's demand for President's rule in Jharkhand

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BJP:- Politics has heated up over BJP's demand for President's rule in Jharkhand. While State BJP President Babulal Marandi has written a letter to the Governor alleging the collapse of the constitutional machinery in the state and requesting him to recommend President's rule, JMM, the largest party in the ruling alliance, has asked the BJP to directly contest the elections. Have challenged. JMM has said that BJP leaders are acting like spokespersons of central investigating agencies. BJP said, the agencies investigating money laundering and corruption in the state have written many letters to the state government from the year 2022 till now for action, but the state government and its officers are ignoring the recommendations and letters of these agencies. .

More than ten such cases are pending in the office of the Chief Secretary to the Government of Jharkhand, excluding requests to take action against high government officials in corruption cases. Neither any response nor any action has been given to the investigating agencies, especially in cases where multiple evidences have been provided by the agencies with the above request. Meanwhile, countering Marandi's demand, JMM general secretary and spokesperson Vinod Pandey has said that BJP leaders are nowadays roaming around as spokespersons of central agencies. The public had rejected him in the last elections. Babulal Marandi won the election by seeking votes against BJP and joined BJP.

They are dreaming every day of ousting the state government. His arguing for President's rule proves that he has no faith in the constitutional process. Elections are going to be held in the state in a year. They should win in the public court. This will make them aware of their false popularity. Ever since Babulal Marandi joined BJP, he has been dreaming of becoming the Chief Minister. He has Hemant phobia, that is why he is touring the state and making nonsense statements. BJP is misusing constitutional institutions in its own interest. But BJP's plan to oust the elected government will never succeed. (IANS)