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In Ranchi, criminals looted a jewelry shop at gunpoint in broad daylight

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Ranchi: The morale of criminals has increased in Ranchi. The criminals have committed robbery in broad daylight. A jewellery shop has been looted in Pandra police station area. The police is searching for the criminals.

Criminals have looted a jewellery shop in broad daylight in the capital Ranchi. The criminals have shown audacity and carried out this incident in Bajra of Pandra police station area.

Robbery at Panchvati Jewelers

According to the information received, three armed criminals suddenly reached Panchvati Jewelers on Thursday afternoon and took the shopkeeper into their custody and fled after looting jewelry worth lakhs. All three criminals were armed. The criminals took the shop owner into their custody and fled after looting whatever jewelry they saw in the shop. According to the jeweler, jewelry worth lakhs has been looted, it will be known only after matching the stock how much jewelry the criminals took.

Police engaged in investigation

Pandra police station in-charge Rameshwar Upadhyay said that he has come out of the capital to testify, information about the robbery has been received after which the police is taking further action. The robbery incident has been carried out by three criminals who came to Panchvati Jewelers shop.

The city was cordoned off and checking began

As soon as the information about the robbery in the jewellery shop was received, an intensive checking campaign has been started in the entire city. The jewellery shopkeeper has told that all three criminals have fled on the same motorcycle. The police is trying to identify the criminals on the basis of CCTV footage and arrest them.