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hemant soren government hemant government proved majority

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Ranchi. Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren proved majority in the assembly on Monday and after that expanded his cabinet. Hemant Soren took oath as Chief Minister for the third time on July 4. But no minister was sworn in with him that day. After proving majority on Monday, he expanded the cabinet. Deepika Pandey Singh and Irfan Ansari have been made two new ministers from the Congress quota. Hemant did not include his brother Basant Soren in the cabinet. Champai Soren, who resigned from the post of Chief Minister on July 3, has also become a minister in the Hemant government.

Earlier, Hemant Soren’s government won the trust vote in the House. 45 votes were cast in favor of the government and not a single vote was cast against it. After proving the majority in the House, Hemant’s cabinet was expanded. Champai Soren was the first to take oath as the new minister. After this, Rameshwar Oraon, Deepika Pandey Singh, Baijnath Ram and Irfan Ansari took oath of office. Along with them, Deepak Barua, Banna Gupta, Satyanand Bhokta, Mithilesh Thakur, Hafizul Hasan and Baby Devi also took oath as ministers.

Earlier, during the discussion on the trust vote in the House, as soon as Chief Minister Hemant Soren stood up to speak, the BJP MLAs started creating a ruckus. Taking a jibe at the BJP, the Chief Minister said- I can understand how the opposition must be feeling seeing me in the House again. If even half of the opposition MLAs seen in the House are seen next time, it will be a big thing. The Chief Minister congratulated Champai Soren for running the government for five months.

It is worth noting that Hemant Soren was released from jail on 28 June. After this, on July 3, after the meeting of JMM and Congress Legislature Party, Champai Soren resigned and Hemant Soren staked claim to form the government. On July 4, Hemant Soren took oath as Chief Minister for the third time.