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Allah loves sacrifice

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Ranchi: Eid ul Azha, which is known as Bakrid, is a festival celebrated for three days from the 10th to the 12th of the month of Zil Hijja according to the Islamic calendar. In these three days, animals are sacrificed in the name of Allah. Sacrifice is compulsory for every Muslim who is financially strong. This is the Sunnah of Prophet Hazrat Ibrahim Alaihissalam in which he was prepared to sacrifice his only son Hazrat Ismail in the name of Allah on the orders of God. Hazrat Ibrahim passed this test by sacrificing his love for his son. But Allah liked the sacrifice of a sheep in place of a son on the orders of Allah so much that this sacrifice and dedication came to be known as Sunnat Ibrahim. This festival gives the message to Muslims of the whole world that every Muslim should remain devoted in the path of Allah. Allah likes the devotion of his followers. In this month, millions of people go to Mecca and complete Hajj. Muslims of the whole world follow the principles of their prophet by sacrificing animals to follow the Sunnah of Hazrat Ibrahim. This Sunnah is celebrated in the form of sacrifice all over the world. This is the second biggest festival of Muslims. This festival gives us the message that even at the time of difficult test taken by God, one should act with patience and restraint and be devoted to God and follow his orders. Presented by – Mehboob Alam