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A delegation of Jharkhand Chamber of Commerce met the Chief Minister and urged him to take strict measures to control crime

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Ranchi: A delegation of Federation of Jharkhand Chambers of Commerce and Gold-Silver Vyavasayee Samiti met Chief Minister Champai Soren today and submitted a memorandum. They apprised the Chief Minister of the criminal incidents like loot, snatching and robbery happening in the capital Ranchi and urged him to take appropriate steps to control it. The Chief Minister told the delegation that strict instructions have been given to the Director General of Police of the state for crime control. He has been instructed to disclose the criminal incidents and take strict action against the criminals involved in it. The Chief Minister said that the government is committed to maintain law and order at all costs. Those who carry out criminal incidents will not be spared at any cost. Those who met the Chief Minister included Jharkhand Chambers of Commerce President Kishore Mantri, General Secretary Paresh Gattani, Executive Members Praveen Lohia and Rohit Poddar, former President Kunal Ajmani and Dr. Dilip Soni, Ravi Kumar Pintu and Jitendra Kumar Verma of Gold-Silver Vyavasayee Samiti.