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The financial condition of the family could not become an obstacle in the way of Rekha’s strong intentions, a girl from the Pahari Korwa tribe became a teacher

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Raipur. Kumari Rekha of Pahari Korwa tribe, resident of Katghora of Korba district, has been appointed as a guest teacher in the Government Secondary School of Bhainsma. Rekha expressed her happiness on getting the appointment as a guest teacher. Rekha did not let the financial condition of her family become an obstacle in the way of her education and studied till MSc on the strength of strong determination. She said that in this era of competition, the effort to make the educated youth of the backward tribe self-reliant is commendable.

Let us tell you that in order to provide employment to the educated youth of protected tribes Pahadi Korwa and Birhor tribe and to make them economically self-dependent, appointments are being provided as guest teachers and peons in the School Education Department from the Mineral Trust Fund. This has created a wave of happiness among the people of the community.

Did M.Sc in Zoology, scored 73%

25-year-old Rekha told that there are 5 members in her family including her parents. Her father Dinesh Kumar supports the family by doing hard labour. Her family is financially weak as there is no other source of income for the family. Her father’s income is enough to sustain the family but there were difficulties in fulfilling other needs including the education of the children. Rekha told that she was very good in studies since childhood and wanted to strengthen the financial condition of her family by studying well from the very beginning. Due to being financially weak, she faced problems in college studies after school education but the financial condition of the family could never become an obstacle in the way of Rekha’s strong intentions and Rekha continued her studies regularly. Rekha has passed MSc in Zoology from PG College Korba with 73 percent marks. She is also studying B.Ed. Her parents’ dream was that their daughter should study well and get a government job and make her parents proud.

Dream of becoming an assistant professor by qualifying the competitive exam

Rekha said that this is the beginning of her flight, the department has provided her the first step to reach her destination. This has given her financial strength, now she will be able to fulfill the needs of herself and her family. She said that she will continue her further studies while working as a guest teacher. In the future, she will qualify the competitive examination and work on the post of assistant professor, lecturer and will bring glory to her family and will also try to take her society forward by creating awareness among the people.

People of backward tribes will become aware of their rights

She said that the district administration is providing employment to educated youth of backward tribal families and providing them an opportunity to raise their standard of living. If even one member of any family gets a job, that family moves forward on the path of prosperity. By getting a regular source of income near their place of residence, the people of Pahadi Korwa and Birhor tribal community will have economic and social development and they will move forward on the path of development. Rekha said that by getting employment in the education department itself, everyone will remain connected with education, everyone’s further preparation will also continue. By becoming aware themselves, they will be able to bring change in the lifestyle of their family and society by explaining the need and importance of education to the people. Due to which the people of backward tribal community will also become aware of their rights, as well as become economically empowered and will be able to join the mainstream of society. Rekha has thanked the state government and the district administration including the collector for providing employment opportunities to the people of PVTG community and paving the way for their economic progress.