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Review of the corporation’s preparations before the rains: Minister-in-charge Kashyap told the officers to be ready to deal with the waterlogging situation

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Raipur. Forest and Climate Change Minister and Minister in charge of the district Kedar Kashyap held a meeting with senior officials of Raipur Municipal Corporation and directed to ensure all necessary preparations to deal with water logging and blockage of drains before the rains. He said that waterlogging areas have been marked and to avoid flood disaster, drains of all 70 wards under the Municipal Corporation area should be cleaned. If a situation of water logging arises, necessary preparations should also be made to deal with it. He said that the health officer and health inspector of the zone should keep an eye on the situation by regularly inspecting the zone areas.

Mobile number issued for emergency arrangements

Raipur Municipal Corporation officials told in the meeting that emergency arrangements have been made to provide 24X7 service for assistance in case of disaster. Telephone numbers have also been issued for this. Telephone numbers 0771-2272101, 0771-2274101 have been issued. Joint team of Raipur Municipal Corporation has been prepared, in which emergency arrangements have been made. The headquarters of the flood control cell has been set up in Raipur near Motor Workshop Office Tikrapara Police Station. Nodal officers have been appointed for this. Vinod Pandey, In-charge Officer, mobile number 9424264100 and Link Officer Dr. Tripti Panigrahi, mobile number 9691285715. Pradeep Yadav, Executive Engineer, Mobile No. 9301953219 will be in Motor Workshop. In case of heavy rainfall, all zone commissioners will work as in-charge of flood control cell.

Corporation officials said that all the necessary materials (sand bags/equipments) and labourers have been arranged to deal with the disaster, which will be available at the zone level in three shifts. Schools have been selected for the residence of flood-affected families, where the affected families will be kept. In case of heavy rainfall, arrangements have been made to deal with waterlogging through Tullu pumps in all zones.

Instructions for making necessary preparations to deal with seasonal diseases

Minister Kashyap said in the meeting that cases of seasonal diseases are reported during the rainy season, so necessary preparations should be made to deal with seasonal diseases as a precaution. Officials said that preparations are being made by holding meetings regarding seasonal diseases before the rainy season.

Preparing for pandemic

Work is being done in constant coordination with the officials of the health department. Private hospitals have been directed to camp in slum areas. A combat team has been prepared by the corporation and the health department, which is ready to deal with any kind of epidemic. Slum areas have been marked. In the slum areas with ponds around BSUP, where cases of diarrhea, dengue etc. have been found in the last three years, a survey is being conducted with the NCDC team and they are being marked. Gambusia fish are being released in the ponds, which eat the larvae of dengue and other vector-borne mosquitoes.

Door to door awareness campaign through Swachhata Didi’s

Malaria/Burna oil will be poured at all places where there is waterlogging. Empty pits will be filled. Anti-larvae spray will be done door to door. Adult mosquitoes can be prevented by fogging in the morning and evening. Under the Chief Minister Slum Health Scheme, mobile medical units are continuously camping in such places and providing relief to patients. Door to door awareness is being spread through Swachhata Didi.

Instructions for making adequate arrangements for drainage of water

Minister Kashyap said that a campaign should be launched to repair all hand pumps, boring and power pumps before time and proper arrangements should be made. A platform should be built around the hand pump and adequate arrangements should be made for water drainage. He said that people should be made aware by running a campaign against infectious diseases like vomiting, diarrhea, jaundice etc. caused by drinking dirty water from rivers, drains and ponds. The Zone Health Officer and Sanitation Inspector of all zones should regularly inspect vegetable markets, hotels, refreshment houses, sugarcane and fruit juice shops, ice cream parlors, bakeries, mutton and chicken shops etc. in their respective zones and directed to dispose of rotten fruits, vegetables, sweets, mutton, fish etc. as per the rules.