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Impact of the news: Education Secretary took cognizance of schools being run in dilapidated buildings, gave instructions to inspect and repair school buildings

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Raipur. Once again, the news of has had a big impact. had prominently published the news of the chaos in government schools running in dilapidated buildings in the capital Raipur and the problems faced by the children, after which today the Secretary of the School Education Department, Siddharth Komal Pardeshi has directed all the district collectors that classes should not be conducted in dilapidated school buildings under any circumstances. Along with this, instructions have also been given to inspect the schools and repair the school buildings.

School Education Department Secretary Siddharth Komal Pardeshi has clearly mentioned in his letter sent to all the district collectors that for conducting classes in schools which are dilapidated, community buildings and other government buildings should be used as an alternative arrangement. Safety of school children is the top priority of the government. He has instructed the District Education Officers to inspect the updated condition of all school buildings within 3 days and get them repaired and improved as per the need.

The School Education Secretary has said that the new education session has started in the state from 26th June and teaching and learning has started in schools. School entrance festival is being celebrated. It is the primary responsibility of the district administration to ensure that the schools are clean and safe. He has said that through various sources it is coming to the notice of the government that some schools are still being run in dilapidated buildings, which is not appropriate in any situation. He has strictly instructed the officials that teaching and learning should not be done in the dilapidated school buildings. Such school buildings which are worth repairing should be repaired from DMF, CSR or any other fund available at the district level.’s news published on the poor condition of schools

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