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Controversy over sand excavation and transportation, BJP leader stops Congress leader’s tractor in the middle of the river… video goes viral

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Shashikant Dixena Katghora. The series of disputes continues in the district regarding sand excavation and transportation. The administration has banned sand excavation in the district from 10 June to 15 October, despite this, the mafia and contractors are causing loss to the revenue by illegally excavating and transporting sand without royalty. On Sunday, the video of the dispute between two parties regarding sand excavation and transportation on the Gursian river of Podi Uparoda development block is going viral on social media.

Let us tell you that one side is BJP leader Akshay Garg and the other is Congress leader and regional district member Bhola Goswami. In fact, recently, Podi Uparda Tehsildar Vinay Devangan seized a Pokelin machine from Gram Panchayat Bango sand ghat on the instructions of Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue (SDM) Rohit Singh. BJP leader Akshay Garg, elder brother of sand contractor Abhay Garg, after the seizure action, accused the administration of taking one-sided action and said that action should be taken against all the tractors in the area.

This morning, Akshay Garg stopped a tractor excavating sand from Gursian river and Akshay Garg called the Tehsildar on the spot and asked him to take action on this too. There was a heated argument between Bhola Goswami and Akshay Garg in this matter. Bhola Goswami asked Akshay Garg to move out of the way but Akshay Garg was adamant and did not move. After that, Bhola Goswami forcibly removed Akshay Garg from the way and took the tractor out of the river. Congress leader and district member Bhola Goswami said that only the administration has the right to seize and take action, no common citizen can stop or take action on this. Here, Akshay Garg, accusing the administration of taking one-sided action, said that action should be taken by stopping the vehicles excavating and transporting sand in all the rivers in the area.