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CM Sai attended the felicitation ceremony of Panchayat Secretary Association, said- a committee will be formed for the governmentization of Panchayat Secretaries

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Raipur: Chief Minister Vishnu Dev Sai participated in the felicitation ceremony organized by the State Panchayat Secretary Association, Chhattisgarh on the occasion of Panchayat Secretary Day at the Sardar Balbir Singh Juneja Indoor Stadium in the capital Raipur today. The Chief Minister said that the government takes full care of the interests of the Panchayat Secretaries. The expectations of the Panchayat Secretaries were fulfilled as soon as the government was formed. On this occasion, the Chief Minister announced that the demand of the State Panchayat Secretary Association for governmentization would be met and a committee would be formed for its implementation. On the announcement of the Chief Minister, the officials of the association thanked the Chief Minister by offering Gajmala.

The development of the country lies in the Panchayats

In his address, the Chief Minister said that he himself has served the people by being a Panch and unopposed Sarpanch for 5 years. He said that the development of the country lies in the Panchayats and all the schemes of the Central or State Government are implemented through the Panchayats only. The Sarpanch and the Secretary hold the key to the development of the village. Emphasizing the important role of the Panchayat Secretaries, the Chief Minister said that the successful implementation of all the schemes is done through the Secretaries only. Praising the Secretaries, he appealed to them to take a pledge to do even better work.

The role of Panchayat secretaries is important: Dr. Raman Singh

Assembly Speaker Dr. Raman Singh also addressed the program and praised Chief Minister Sai for fulfilling many announcements in a short period. He described the role of Panchayat Secretaries as important and said that Chief Minister Sai has experience of working from Panchayat to Parliament.

Implementation of government schemes is done through Panchayat secretaries only: Deputy CM Sharma

Deputy Chief Minister and Panchayat and Rural Development Department Minister Vijay Sharma said that as soon as the government was formed in Chhattisgarh, the government of Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai has fulfilled the guarantee of PM Modi. He said that the government’s schemes are implemented and the image of the government is created through the Panchayat Secretaries. As soon as the government was formed, the amount of arrears of the Panchayat Secretaries was paid and the amount for 55 days of the strike period was also paid.

Women and Child Development Minister Laxmi Rajwade said that the government has always fulfilled the demands of the Secretary Association and the problems and demands of the village are taken to the top through the village secretaries. All the schemes of the central and state government reach the grassroots level through the Panchayat secretaries.

MP Durg Vijay Baghel described the government of Chief Minister Vishnu Dev Sai as a government of good governance and said that the Chief Minister listens to everyone’s demands sensitively and fulfills them. He praised the important role of Panchayat Secretaries and underlined their contribution in taking the government’s schemes to every village. Panchayat Secretary Association President Upendra Singh Pankra and other officials were present on this occasion.