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Ronaldinho Blasts ‘Worst’ Brazil Squad At Copa America 2024 | Football News

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FC Barcelona icon Ronaldinho recently made waves with his remarks to Cartoloucos, declaring that he will not support the Brazil national team in the upcoming Copa America. He criticized the team, stating that it consists of average players and lacks true leadership, sparking widespread discussion ahead of the weekend.

“I’m not going to watch any of the games,” he said about the upcoming Copa America. “Everything is missing, determination, joy, not playing well. I’m not even going to watch a game.”

Sharing the clip on Instagram on Saturday, Ronaldinho doubled down on his statements.

“That’s it guys, it’s over for me,” Ronaldinho wrote in his caption. “This is a sad moment for those who love Brazilian football. It’s difficult to find the energy to watch the games.”

“This is perhaps one of the worst teams in recent years, it has no respectable leaders, just average players for the most part. I’ve been following football since I was a child, long before I thought about becoming a player, and I’ve never seen a situation as bad as this.

“The shirt lacks love, determination and most important of all: football. I repeat: our performance has been one of the worst things I have ever seen. A shame. Therefore, I declare here my abandonment. I will not watch any Copa America game, nor celebrate any victory,” Ronaldinho signed off.

In an interview on the Cartoloucos channel, the 2005 Ballon d’Or winner expressed his belief that Real Madrid star Vinícius Júnior is deserving of the prestigious award in 2024, particularly after leading Los Blancos to a LaLiga and Champions League double. Brazil’s Copa América campaign kicks off against Costa Rica on June 24, with Colombia and Paraguay also competing in Group D.