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Petrol, Diesel Price Hike: Karnataka Government Raises Fuel Rates By Rs 3 Per Litre | Economy News

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New Delhi: After the Lok Sabha elections, the Karnataka government has raised the prices of petrol and diesel. Starting today, petrol is now Rs 3 per litre more expensive and diesel has gone up by Rs 3.05 per litre. These new prices are effective immediately.

Petrol and Diesel Price Hike in Karnataka

Starting today, petrol and diesel prices have increased in Karnataka. The state government has revised the sales tax, raising it from 25.92 per cent to 29.84 per cent for petrol and from 14.3 per cent to 18.4 per cent for diesel. These new rates are now in effect and have resulted in higher fuel prices across the state. (Also Read: SBI Customers, ALERT! Your Home Loan, Personal Loan EMIs To Go Up As Bank Raises Lending Rates By 10 Basis Points)

Increase in sales tax in Karnataka

The Karnataka government has revised the sales tax rates. According to the official notification, the Karnataka Sales Tax (KST) on petrol is now 29.84 per cent, and on diesel, it is 18.4 per cent. This increase in sales tax directly leads to higher retail prices for petrol and diesel. (Also Read: Several Employees Of THIS Bank Fired Over Fake Keyboard Activity And Mouse Jiggling: Details Here)

Following the tax increase, petrol and diesel prices in Karnataka have surged by Rs 3 per litre. Prior to the hike, petrol was selling at Rs 99.84 per litre and diesel at Rs 85.93 per litre in Bangalore. However, fuel is now more expensive in Bangalore compared to Delhi where petrol is priced at Rs 94.72 per litre and diesel at Rs 87.62 per litre. This increase has further widened the price gap.

Petrol-Diesel Prices in Bangalore

After an increase in sales tax by the Karnataka government, petrol prices in Bangalore have risen from Rs 99.84 per litre to Rs 102.84 per litre. Meanwhile, diesel prices have increased from Rs 85.93 per litre to Rs 88.95 per litre. This hike of Rs 3 per litre comes as a surprise as it was expected that prices would decrease after the Lok Sabha elections.

Petrol and diesel prices are likely to go up in Karnataka as the state govt revises sales tax by 29.84% and 18.44%.

According to the Petroleum Dealers Association, petrol and diesel prices are likely to go up by Rs 3 and Rs 3.05 approximately in Karnataka — ANI (@ANI) June 15, 2024