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BMW 5 Series LWB to launch in India on July 24; Check What’s New | Auto News

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BMW is gearing up launch the new 5 Series in India on July 24. Notably, the company is introducing a long-wheelbase (LWB) version for the first time. Read here to know all about this vehicle.


The latest-generation BMW 5 Series LWB measures 5,175mm in length, 1,900mm in width, and 1,520mm in height, with a wheelbase of 3,105mm. This makes it 145mm longer than the regular 5 Series sedan, with an additional 110mm in the wheelbase. While these dimensions are for the Chinese model, some adaptations like a right-hand drive setup and slightly increased ground clearance are expected for the Indian market.

Exterior Features

The extended length of the 5 Series LWB is noticeable, similar to the 3 Series Grand Limousine available in India. Unlike the E-Class LWB, which features a separate quarter glass and unique door design, the 5 Series LWB’s rear door resembles the standard model without a rear quarter glass. The LWB variant retains the headlamp and tail-lamp design, and the illuminated grille of the standard car, along with minor tweaks to the front and rear bumpers in some variants. In China, the 5 Series LWB sports an illuminated ‘5’ on the C-pillar, a feature that adds a distinctive touch but is absent in the standard 5 Series.

In China, the 5 Series LWB boasts an array of luxurious features such as 4-zone climate control, quilted upholstery, and a dual-tone design. A standout feature is the 31.1-inch display that folds down from the headliner, offering 8K resolution and 5G compatibility. Paired with the Bowers & Wilkins surround sound system, it promises an immersive on-the-go entertainment experience. It is anticipated that most of these features will be available in the India-spec model as well.