Report Wire - Sims referenced AIIMS and Makahara where Kovid does not go patient, death on the way

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Sims referenced AIIMS and Makahara where Kovid does not go patient, death on the way

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Two traumatic deaths due to corona in Bilaspur, 35 new patients found

The round of deaths from Corona in Bilaspur has now begun. With two new deaths, the death toll has reached 12. Seven corona victims have died on the 9th day of August. Here the figure of infected patients has reached 877. 35 new patients have been found on Sunday. Sims died at the threshold after a 38-year-old woman resident of Mopka was referred to Care and Cure Hospital and a 65-year-old woman resident of Shanti Nagar from the district hospital. After the death of a 65-year-old woman, the question is that why Sims is not a Covid Center, why was the woman referred to here?

The district hospital management is saying in its childhood that earlier AIIMS and Mekahara were referring to Raipur, but they raised their hands and sent Sims to the woman in a hurry to get better treatment. While the family of the woman is saying that we had asked to go to a private hospital but we were not listened to. The woman died due to hospital negligence. The continuous deaths here have increased the concern of the officers of the District Administration and Health Department. Bilaspur has 210 active patients.

I had said that I would show up in a private hospital but nobody listened, mother-in-law died due to negligence in treatment

The corona report of me and my 65-year-old mother-in-law came positive on July 30. Since then, both of us are admitted to Kovid Hospital in the city. I was being discharged on 7 August but I did not go because I had to take care of my mother in law. Before coming to Kovid Hospital, my mother-in-law was very well, but after coming here her condition deteriorated. Three days ago, he started having difficulty in breathing. When the heart problem increased, the doctors of the district hospital admitted him to the ICU.

When there was no rest, preparations were being made to refer to Raipur, but the people of Raipur refused to take the patient. When the doctors started getting upset, I also said that we would show up at Apollo or any other hospital but they did not do so. The condition worsened and was then referred to Sims at the last minute. My mother-in-law died at Sims Gate. My mother-in-law has died due to the negligence of the district hospital. His 47-year-old son-in-law admitted with an elderly woman at Kovid Hospital told

Corona report came on 30 July, positive was recruited since then

A 38-year-old woman resident of Mopka was admitted to Care and Cure Hospital since August 7. Earlier, the woman was being treated in the first hospital. If the condition did not improve, it was referred. He died on Saturday evening. The corona probe came positive from the woman’s antigen kit prior to her death. The woman was cremated on Sunday in Torwa Muktidham. The report of a 65-year-old elderly woman resident of Shanti Nagar came to Corona positive on July 30. He was also infected with his 47-year-old son-in-law. Since then both were admitted in Kovid Hospital. The woman’s condition suddenly deteriorated and became so bad that she died.

Straight talk: Sushma Kujur, the doctor who was treating the woman

Sims Kovid does not recruit patients, so why refer the woman here?
– Ames and Makahara refused. The woman was in urgent need of ventilator so referred him.
The day before, Sims refused, saying that we do not have a cardiologist doctor, yet sent him there?
– The patient’s condition was critical, so referred him.
Could any other hospital also be referred?
– Our protocol is that only government-to-government can refer. Therefore not sent in private.

Patients found in these areas

Age Gender Location 30 Female Peepal Chowk Talapara 5 Child Peepal Chowk Talapara 63 Female Peepal Chowk Talapara 70 Male Peepal Chowk Talapara 61 Male Devanandan Nagar 3 Child Devanandan Nagar 24 Female Omnagar Jarahabhatha 17 Male Gurunanak Chowk 61 Male Ringroad 46 Male Rajendra Nagar 27 Male Sindhikolony 32 Male Lagra 29 Male Lagra 45 Male Lagra 60 Female Kesala 11 Child Kesala 50 Male Farahda 30 Male Farahda Age Gender Location 40 Male Farahda 17 Female Kesala 38 Female Kesala 41 Male Sirgitti 21 Male Gataura 25 Male Gataura 20 Male Gataura 22 Male Gataura 4 Toddler Gatora 27 female Gatora 26 female Gatora 30 male cowrie 45 female Gatora 25 male Dursagar 32 male Dursagar 29 male Tengamara 25 male Tengamara Total 35 cases

You could discharge as per the rules, but the condition of the woman was not correct, so did the reference: Dr. Manoj Jaiswal, RMO of the District Hospital, told that the woman had a heart problem. According to the rule, 10 days were completed after the report came. Could discharge him from the hospital but the condition was not good so he did not, referred him. The woman had a heart problem with BP-Sugar.

Did not take the sample because Kovid was already hospitalized: Sims’ PRO doctor Aarti Pandey says the woman was killed before Sims arrived. Since Kovid was hospitalized, his sample was not taken. Because Corona was already confirmed. The body has just been placed in the marquee. Information has been given to the government. Now the funeral will be done by his family members or the high-ranking government will decide.