Report Wire - Salman Khan points enchantment after followers burst crackers inside a theatre exhibiting Antim: ‘Please don’t’

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Salman Khan points enchantment after followers burst crackers inside a theatre exhibiting Antim: ‘Please don’t’

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Actor Salman Khan issued an enchantment on Saturday after a video exhibiting his followers celebrating his newest movie, Antim The Final Truth, went viral. Just a few individuals could be seen bursting firecrackers inside a theatre as Antim is screened. The followers’ act, nevertheless, was not appreciated by Salman.
The actor shared the video on his Instagram account and requested them to not accomplish that as it may be dangerous for the opposite viewers members. “Request all my fans not to take fire crackers inside the auditorium as it could prove to be a huge fire hazard thereby endangering your lives and also others. My request to theatre owners not to allow fire crackers to be taken inside the cinema and security should stop them from doing so at entry point. Enjoy the film by all means but please please avoid this is my request to all my fans .. thank u,” Salman appealed.

Antim The Final Truth launched on Friday. While the movie is receiving love from the viewers, critics have given blended reactions to it.
The Indian Express critic Shubhra Gupta gave it 1.5 stars. “The film, based on the Marathi movie ‘Mulshi Pattern’, uses that superstructure to give Aayush Sharma a chance to change his lover-boy image, cemented in the 2018 ‘Loveyatri’, and to give Salman Khan’s fans, pining for their dabangg idol, a chance to re-unite with him,” Gupta wrote in her assessment, including, “Those twin objects are fulfilled with a great deal of zeal and enthusiasm, because from the start, not a moment goes by without the school dropout Rahul/Rahulya (Aayush Sharma) glaring and flaring up at those who have grabbed his arrow-straight father’s (Sachin Khedekar) ‘zameen’. The moments that are left over are filled up by clean-and-mean police officer Sardar Rajveer Singh (Salman Khan), all togged out in a turban, having replaced his beloved azure bracelet with a ‘kadaa’, and doing what he does best– baring his ‘faulaadi’ chest, slinging out one-liners, and pulverizing the baddies.”
Talking concerning the movie, Salman informed that originally, he was in ‘two minds’ to do Antim. “Initially, I was in two minds whether I should do it or not, but the idea was stuck in my head. I was told it is a small role but I refused to accept it. I was working on the script with Mahesh (Manjrekar) and I knew what we were making. We have only picked up the basic plot from the original. The screenplay has been changed and it is a different film altogether. It is lavishly mounted while the original was made on a limited budget,” he mentioned.

The movie, which additionally stars Mahima Makwana, is directed by Mahesh Manjrekar.