S. Jaishankar: India-China relations are in very difficult times

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Amid the ongoing border dispute between and China over in , External Affairs Minister S said that peace and tranquility on the Line of Actual Control has been severely disrupted and it obviously affected the entire relationship between India and China. Have been.

Jaishankar, in a webinar on his book The India Way, said in the historical of the development of relations between the two neighboring countries over the last three decades, the question of the China-India border is a very complex and difficult subject. The External Affairs Minister said that India-China relations are in very difficult times which have been normal since the late 1980s through trade, travel, tourism and social activities on the basis of peace along the border.

Jaishankar said that it is not our stand that we should solve the boundary question. We understand that this is a very complex and difficult subject. There have been many conversations at different levels. This is a very high line for a relationship. He said that I am talking about a more fundamental line and that the LAC should be in peace in the border areas and this has been the situation since the late 1980s.

Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar while referring to the border situation in eastern Ladakh said that now if peace and peace are deeply disrupted then the relationship will obviously be affected and this is what we are seeing.

The Foreign Minister said that China and India are emerging and they are accepting a bigger role in the world, but the big question is how can both countries achieve an . He said that this is the fundamental thing on which I have focused in the book. Jaishankar said that he had completed the manuscript of the book in April before the border dispute started in eastern Ladakh

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