Report Wire - Rana Ayyub’s brother and Elle India writer Arif Ayyub goes on unhinged rant towards Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Israel

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Rana Ayyub’s brother and Elle India writer Arif Ayyub goes on unhinged rant towards Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Israel

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Elle India writer Arif Ayyub has been happening an unhinged rant towards the Saudi and UAE royal households after a Saudi-led coalition retaliated towards the Islamist Houthi motion in Yemen for finishing up a lethal drone assault in United Arab Emirates (UAE).
In a collection of tweets, Ayyub claimed, “The renaissance in the Islamic world will come when the rulers of Saudi Arabia and UAE are thrown out. The Arab Spring that started in Tunisia was halted in Egypt by obscene monies spent by Rulers of UAE & KSA. The USA loves it as it helps them subjugate the Middle East through them.”
In one other tweet, he alleged that dissenters in Saudi Arabia, Israel and India have been being put behind bars. “Dissidents in SAUDI ARABIA are languishing in jails, political activists like Sharjeel, Umar, Khalid and countless others are languishing in INDIAN jails, thousands of Palestinians are languishing in ISRAELI jails. USA is the biggest ally of them all. It supports tyrants,” Arif Ayuub wrote.
Screengrab of the tweets by Arif Ayyub
He additionally claimed that ‘Sanghi trolls’ have been supporting ‘Saudi nationalists’ for conducting airstrikes in Yemen. “It’s hilarious to see Sanghi trolls come out in solidarity with Saudi regime apologist trolls. They are the same folks who cheer Zionist Israelis who persecute and uproot Palestinians. India under Modi, Saudi & UAE under their sadist rulers and Zionist Israel is an alliance of evil,” Ayyub alleged.
This will not be the primary time that the Elle India writer has spewed vitriol towards Saudi Arabia or the UAE for selling bilateral ties with Israel. Ayyub appears to be part of the self-proclaimed Islamists who think about themselves extra Islamic than others. There has been a faction of Islamists opposing Saudi Arabia and UAE’s efforts to enhance enterprise and cooperation with Israel and promote tourism of their nation by opening cinemas and music festivals.
Arif Ayyub claimed that the House of Saud should dismantle and that the Kingdom have to be dominated by “the finest of Muslims”, not the present royal households.
Screengrab of the tweets by Arif Ayyub
Arif Ayyub needs joint Islamic forces to assault Israel and seize Al Aqsa mosque
The Elle India writer known as for the dismantling of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). “The debauch Arabs of KSA, UAE must be kept away as they are only capable of sword dance.” Arif Ayyub known as for a worldwide coalition of joined army forces from Islamic nations together with Turkey, Pakistan, Malaysia and Azerbaijan. He had urged Imran Khan and Erdogan to “siege the moment.”
He demanded additional that the ‘global Muslim army’ ought to instantly invade Jerusalem and seize the Al Aqsa mosque.
Screengrab of the tweets by Arif Ayyub
‘Rulers of Saudi Arabia and UAE should be sacked, the citizens there should be protesting on the street’, says Arif Ayyub
“What are the people Saudi Arabia and UAE all about? They are either cowards or imbeciles or have no conscience. Right now they should be on the streets, reclaiming the Arab legacy of our beloved Prophet (PBUH) from the hypocrite Mohammed bin Salman and Mohammed Bin Zayed.”
Screengrab of the tweet by Arif Ayyub
Emirati businessman requires motion towards Arif Ayyub, calls him ‘sibling of a snake’
Emirati businessman, Hassan Sajwani, dug out previous and racist tweets of Arif Ayyub and had known as out his Islamist tendencies. He emphasised, “Someone told me that a snake may not necessarily have a sibling, because they prey on each other… But hey! Here’s a brother of a snake, also an Islamist one.”
In a number of tweets, Arif Ayyub was seen raving and ranting towards peaceable coalitions to spice up the financial system and tourism. He had known as for a boycott of India’s pavilion on the Dubai Expo, bettering bilateral ties between Israel and UAE and has requested for conflict and battle within the Middle East.
It is notable right here that Arif Ayyub is the brother of Rana Ayyub, one other Islamist who’s a recurring faux information peddler and writes anti-India columns for the Washington Post.
Screengrab of the tweet by Hassan Sajwani
While stating a few of his anti-Semitic tweets, Hassan Sajwani known as for motion towards Ayyub from Elle India. “Will Elle India take action against such hatred spreader? Remains to be seen,” the Emirati businessman identified.
Screengrab of the tweet by Hassan Sajwani
Recently, Rana Ayyub had ranted towards Saudi Arabia for partaking in a battle with Houthi rebels in Yemen. Saudi Arabian residents had reminded her that the Kingdom’s intervention comes on the request of the reputable authorities of Yemen and she or he is supporting terrorists who had lately killed harmless civilians, together with 2 Indians in UAE.
Radical Islamists upset after Saudi Arabia tries to maneuver away from extremism
Unlike his predecessors, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman shortly realised the necessity of the nation to scale back dependency on oil and diversify it to different sectors corresponding to well being, training, recreation and tourism. In an interview with CBS News, he mentioned, “(Before 1979) We were living a normal life like the rest of the Gulf countries, women were driving cars, there were movie theatres in Saudi Arabia.”
In December final 12 months, the Kingdom organised an enormous occasion in the course of the desert. For the primary time, women and men have been allowed to assemble and dance collectively with out segregation. Since the rise of the Crown Prince to the ability corridors, girls empowerment has been one of many main targets of the Saudi regime. For occasion, girls have been allowed the best to drive in June 2018, ending the decades-long prohibition on driving.
In December 2021, the Ministry of Islamic Affairs of Saudi Arabia directed the preachers of the mosques to dedicate the Friday sermon in direction of warning the Saudi folks towards the Tablighi and Da’wah teams. Minister of Islamic Affairs, Dr Abdullatif Al_Alsheikh had given a route to the Mosques in Saudi Arabia to order the Friday sermon for warning the folks towards the partisan teams of Tablighi Jamat and Da’wah current within the nation.
Yemen is bleeding and there may be no one to cease the bloodthirsty Saudis. These are individuals who name themselves the custodians of Islam. As a Muslim I’m ashamed that these savages are guardians of the holy mosque. The world CANNOT keep silent through this genocide #YemenUnderAttack— Rana Ayyub (@RanaAyyub) January 22, 2022
The progressive choice by the Saudi regime to distance itself from orthodoxy and extremism has not gone down properly with radical Islamists. On Saturday (January 22), controversial journalist Rana Ayyub had posted a tweet attacking Saudi Arabia for launching a army operation towards Yemen. She was then slammed on Twitter by Saudi netizens in response to that, accusing her of supporting terrorism.
“Yemen is bleeding and there is nobody to stop the bloodthirsty Saudis,” Rana Ayyub had tweeted on Saturday, saying that as a Muslim she is ashamed that “these savages are guardians of the holy mosque”. After Rana Ayyub posted the tweet, a number of Saudi netizens responded to her saying that their govt is supporting a recognised authorities, whereas Ayyub was supporting an Islamist terror group attempting to overthrow that authorities.
Saudi engineer Gassan known as it faux information and mentioned that Saudi Arabia has launched army operations in Yemen as a part of a coalition of over ten international locations in response to a direct request from the reputable authorities of Yemen. “We supporting legitimate and you supporting terrorists”, he added. One Twitter consumer Abu Sultan known as her a “fu**ing liar”, saying all she “said are bullshit”. The consumer famous that this is the reason Ayyub had disabled replies to her tweets.