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    The Indian government on Thursday extended the suspension of scheduled international commercial passenger services till December 31 in view of the coronavirus pandemic. The Directorate...

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    Narendra Modi addressedd the concluding session of the 80th All India Presiding Officers Conference today via video conferencing. The two-day conference began yesterday at Kevadia...

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    Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Thursday informed that he has spoken to Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry Edappadi K Palaniswami and V...

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    Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday came out in support of Punjab farmers and their protest against the Centre’s recently passed farm laws, saying that peaceful...

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    Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai has tested positive for coronavirus. Rai took to Twitter to announce this. Rai is the Minister for Employment, Development, Labour,...

    November 26, 2020

    Raipur: Forest Charter made Naresh a successful farmer

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    TTS Demo

    The king, who depends on forest resources and forest produce, has now become a successful farmer. Now they are getting the benefit of government schemes after getting the Forest Rights letter. They are doing agricultural work easily using the techniques in the fields. Successful use of technology, labor and government schemes are able to earn good income.
    The people of the forest areas of Balrampur-Ramanujganj district depend on forest land for their livelihood. The government has made them worry-free by providing them the right to the land through forest rights letter. Large population of Vananchal in the district has benefited by obtaining the right to land through forest rights letter. Shri Naresh, a resident of Tarkkhand of Block Balrampur, had received 1.5 hectares of land through forest rights letter. Naresh says that his livelihood used to be the only paddy field from which somehow he was living his life. But the right to land acquired through forest rights has brought a big change in his life. They have also changed the way they do their farming.
    Before getting the lease, the king's income was only so much that he was only able to maintain the family, but now he is earning up to 2 lakh rupees by cultivating grains as well as vegetables. They now have solar pumps available for irrigation, so they do not have problems with water. With the irrigation system, the king is now able to take both Rabi and Kharif crops. They have now bought a tractor with the income from good crop yields. Naresh tells that they are taking cash crop, so there is no problem of income. They are able to give good education to children and the family is becoming financially capable. The King has thanked the government for giving them the right to land.

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