Raipur: Chhattisgarh at number one in the country in the collection of minor forest produce: now 31 small forest crops are purchased in the state on support price

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hhattisgarh completes annual target within six months

So far, collection of one and a half lakh quintals of minor forest produce of 104 crores

Under the leadership of Chief Minister Mr. and under the guidance of Forest Minister Mr. Mohammad Akbar, the data of collection of minor forest produce in the state is increasing day by day. This is the reason that Chhattisgarh continues to be the first number in terms of collection of forest produce during the current in the country. In Chhattisgarh, about one and a half lakh quintals of minor forest produce have been collected in the last six months amounting to Rs. 104 crores, which is 73.71 percent of the total minor forest produce collected in the country so far during the current season. In this way, the annual collection target of minor forest produce of more than Rs 100 crore in Chhattisgarh has been achieved six months ago ie in six months, which is an important achievement for the state.
    Forest Minister Shri Akbar said that at present the number of minor forest produce purchased by the state government has been increased to 31, keeping in mind the interest of the villagers. Prior to this, from the year 2015 to 2018, only seven forest produce were being purchased at the support price. In this regard, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests Shri Rakesh Chaturvedi informed that tamarind (including seeds), puwad (charota), mahua flower (dry), behera, harra, kalmegh are among the minor forest produce collected under the Minimum Support Price Scheme in the current year in the state. , Dhavai flower (dry), Nagarmotha, tamarind flower, Karanja seed and honey. Apart from this, Bel Anal, Amla (seedless), Rangini Lakh, Kusumi Lakh, Phul Jhadu, Chironji Kernels, Kullu Gum, Mahua Seed, Conch Seed, Jamun Seed (dry), Bibding, Sal Seed, Giloy and Bhelwa Miniature Forest Produces are also included. Are included. Also recently, forest basil seeds, forest cumin seeds, tamarind seeds, bheda kacharia,
    Managing Director of Chhattisgarh State Small Forest Produce Association Mr. Sanjay Shukla informed that arrangements have been made to purchase small forest produce in 3 thousand 500 villages and 866 hot markets in the state through women self-help groups on support price. Similarly, 139 Van Dhan Kendras have been set up for primary processing of minor forest produce in the state. During the current season in the state, 3 lakh 4 thousand 242 quintal year seeds worth Rs 61 crore have been collected and 63 thousand 676 quintal eamli (including seeds) worth Rs 20 crore have been collected during the current season. Similarly, 28 thousand 158 quintal mahua flower (dry) worth 8 crore rupees, 5 thousand 107 quintal baheda for the amount of 87 lakh rupees, 5 thousand quintal puwad (charota) worth Rs 70 lakh have been collected.

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