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Raipur: A village where sarpanch to spinach are engaged to educate children

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Village Kodegaon (R) in the Akaladongri Sankal Kendra of the submergence area of ​​Gangrel reservoir in Dhamtari district of the state is a very small village, but the parents here are very aware and vigilant about education. Along with the teachers of the Dooban region, the parents are also showing their awareness, raising awareness among the children. The village sarpanch, Mrs. Lalita Vishwakarma is also playing an important role in educating the children. There are also some such spinach, who are taking time to teach children even after doing their compensation.

When the time for paddy harvesting and minjai arrived, the volinteers were unable to devote enough time. In such a situation, all the parents of the village took a meeting and decided to take classes in turn every day. In this way, the process of teaching children offline continued uninterrupted. It was decided to teach educated parents. Regarding one such incident, the teacher of the school, Mrs. Amrita Sahu, told that a foster Mr. Kishun Sevata had a turn to teach, but for some reason he could not come. Then in his place a woman named Saroj Netam came to teach and said to the children – ‘You have come every day to leave your livelihood. And she took the students’ offline class for the entire time that day. This proves that the foster-laborers are also serious and dedicated towards the education of their children.    

    Due to the transition of Kovid-19, in order to prevent the loss of students’ education in the current education session, online classes of children are being conducted by the Government of Chhattisgarh by running the program Duhar Duar. Online class is not possible in an area like Duban, where mobile network problems remain, as well as the availability of Android mobiles and the ability to bear the extra burden of data expenditure with the villagers of this tribal dominated area is quite challenging for the parents. . In such a situation, the tuhar mercury taught under offline education is proving to be very effective for the students.

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