Report Wire - Rahul Gandhi repeats Khalistani speaking factors at Cambridge University

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Rahul Gandhi repeats Khalistani speaking factors at Cambridge University

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Rahul Gandhi repeats Khalistani talking points at Cambridge University

On February 28 this 12 months, Rahul Gandhi reiterated the speaking factors of the worldwide Khalistan motion throughout his notorious presentation on the University of Cambridge.

The Congress scion randomly referred to as out a Sikh man from the viewers and claimed that Sikhs have been rendered second-class residents in India by the Narendra Modi authorities.

At about 53:40 minutes into the programme, Rahul Gandhi claimed, “He (Narendra Modi) is imposing an idea on India that India cannot absorb. India, as I said, is a Union of states. It’s a negotiation and if you try to force one idea on a union, it will react.”

The Congress ecosystem has been making an attempt to decrease the thought of India from a centuries-old civilisation State to a nation, certain by mere agreements between completely different States.

During his presentation, Rahul Gandhi urged that such a Union of States has the chance to react (disintegrate/ secede) at any time if ‘one idea of nationhood’ is imposed.

Despite being nicely conscious that the worldwide Khalistan motion has been making an attempt to brainwash the Sikh group, he exploited the chance at Cambridge University to current a distorted picture of India to the world.

“I mean I have got a Sikh gentleman sitting here. He is from the Sikh religion. And he comes from India, right? We have got Muslims in India, Christians in India, and we have got different languages in India…They are all India,” Rahul Gandhi had stated.

“Mr Narendra Modi says he is not (a real Indian). Mr Narendra Modi says he (the Sikh guy in the room) is a second-class citizen in India. I don’t agree with him,” stated Gandhi whereas making outlandish claims in regards to the plight of the Sikh group in India.

Congress and the Khalistan Movement

The false assertions of Rahul Gandhi emboldened the Khalistani parts who’ve eagerly been ready to legitimise their declare for a separate land.

The Khalistan motion surfaced in Punjab within the Nineteen Eighties below Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, a terrorist initially patronised by Indira Gandhi and Congress however later eradicated when he was a ‘Frankenstein’.

After years of preventing the Pakistan-backed insurgency within the State, the Khalistan motion was defeated. Extremists related to the motion operated largely from outdoors of the nation.

The anti-farm regulation agitation, supported by Congress, witnessed the resurgence of the separatist motion (additionally coinciding with the Referendum 2020). Opindia had documented intimately how protest camps had develop into the breeding floor for Khalistani extremists.

Bolstered by the success of the anti-farm regulation motion, Khalistanis started creating chaos and unrest within the State (typically attacking the Hindu group within the course of).

At a time when the regulation enforcement equipment in Punjab has did not tame Khalistani leaders similar to Amritpal Singh, Rahul Gandhi is feeding into the propaganda that has been drawing the help of the Sikh group in the direction of the harmful motion.

The narrative of Muslims as second-class residents and the aftermath

During his speak on the University of Cambridge, Rahul Gandhi additionally made a sweeping declare that Muslims in India are additionally ‘second class citizens’ in line with Narendra Modi.

By doing so, the Congress scion performed into the fingers of the Islamists who’ve been hellbent on indoctrinating Muslims en masse that they aren’t protected in India.

The vitriolic narrative had been in movement for a very long time and amplified by a number of folds after the Narendra Modi authorities was voted to energy in 2014.

Disinformation surrounding initiatives such because the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam and the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) was peddled on a big scale. This led to violence, destruction of properties, and focused assaults on Hindus and finally culminated within the Delhi riots of 2020.

At a time when Hindus are dealing with large-scale assaults by the hands of Islamists, Rahul Gandhi ought to have exercised restraint and kept away from presenting a distorted picture of India on the worldwide discussion board.