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Pro-Khalistani terror outfit Sikhs For Justice needs Covid sufferers in Punjab to affix its outfit in change for Oxygen and money

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Pro-Khalistan terror outfit, Sikhs For Justice, which performed a key position within the violence which turned a by-product of the farmers’ protests earlier this 12 months, now in an try to extend the members of the perimeter group, is trying to lure individuals by cash and the promise of arranging oxygen for the virus contaminated sufferers.In what will be seen as an try and fish in troubled waters, Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) is indulging in “oxygen conspiracy” in response to Punjab officers.Officials have reportedly tracked over two dozen calls from the outlawed organisation the place the SFJ will be seen promising Rs 3,000 to Punjab Covid-19 sufferers in want of oxygen.According to a recorded telephone dialog, the banned outfit will be heard as saying, “The pandemic is spread all over Punjab. Today, on the 35th anniversary of Khalistan Declaration Day, Sikh for Justice (SFJ) announces to provide Rs 3,000 to families whose members need oxygen. Visit and fill in your name and email. If any of your family members need oxygen, SFJ will provide it in 24 hours.”Reportedly, SFJ’s makes an attempt have borne little fruit as regardless of making someplace no less than 200-250 random calls, the organisation has not witnessed a rise in members with calls being minimize a few seconds into the dialog on a mean.According to an officer, “If anyone fills the form, the data is collected and used to show the support his group has from Indians.”Earlier in January earlier than the Republic Day violence, SFJ had introduced a reward of USD 2,50,000 for Punjab farmers hoisting Khalistan flag at India Gate, in addition to Red Fort within the nationwide capital.Terrorist and SFJ Chief Gurpatwant Singh Pannu had again then launched a video which mentioned, “26 January is coming and on the Red Fort, there is an Indian tricolour. Remove the tricolour on 26th of January and replace it with the Khalistan flag.”Besides 2.5 lakh US {dollars}, Sikhs for Justice additionally used the bait of giving overseas citizenship to lure the protesters. “The laws of the world are with you. If the Indian Government points a finger at you, you and your families will be brought to the foreign countries under the United Nations laws,” he mentioned.Read More: 26 January vandal Deep Sidhu acquired bail. Khalistanis celebrated. Sidhu acquired arrested againReported beforehand by TFI, National Investigation Agency (NIA) in December, final 12 months discovered that Sikhs for Justice had been propagating anti-India sentiments inside the Sikh group serving within the Indian Army—egging them to engineer a mutiny.“The Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) has been attempting to undermine the security of the Indian State by instigating Sikh personnel in the Indian army to rise in mutiny against India besides trying to radicalize youths of Kashmir and openly extending support for the secession of Kashmir from India,” the NIA had remarked again then.