Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the spirit of global welfare is implicit in the call for “Self-reliant India”.

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Modi said these things in his address after inaugurating the Global Indian Scientist (Vaibhav) summit on Gandhi Jayanti through a video conference. "India's call for self-reliance has also included a sense of global well-being. To make this dream come true, I invite all of you and ask for support. "To help our farmers, we seek top-class scientific research. Our agricultural research scientists have worked very hard to increase the production of pulses. We import pulses in very small quantities. Our food production has reached a record high. "The Prime Minister said that the government has recently approved commercial production of pneumococcal vaccine developed in the country. He said that due to these vaccines and nutrition mission, the health and nutrition of children have attained desirable levels. The conference provides a platform to global and overseas Indian researchers and academics. Its objective is to bring veterans of Indian origin on a platform that is associated with academic and research institutions around the world.

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