Prime Minister Modi said – new education policy will give new direction to twenty-one century India

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday addressed the '21st century schooling' conference under National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 through video conferencing. The Prime Minister's Office (PMO) said in a statement, the Ministry of Education is organizing a two-day conference, which has started as an education festival from Thursday.

Read the highlights of PM Modi's address-

  • We have to pursue our students with 21st century skills. What will these 21st century skills be? These will be: Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Curiosity and Communication.
  • NEP has been prepared in a similar way to reduce syllabus and focus on fundamental things. A National Curriculum Framework will be developed to make learning integrated and inter-disciplinary, fun-based and complete experience.
  • There are many professions which require deep skills, but we do not give importance to them. If students see them, then there will be a kind of emotional connection, they will respect them. It may be that many of these children grow up to join such industries, and pursue them.
  • Every region across the country has its own specialty, some traditional art, workmanship, products are famous everywhere. Visit the students in those looms, handlooms, see how these clothes are made? Such skilled people can also be called in school.
     - We have to increase easy and innovative methods. Our experiments should be the core of New Age Learning - Engage, Explore, Experience, Express and Excel.
    Focus on basic education is the most important aspect of this policy. Under the National Education Policy, the development of Foundation Literacy and Numeracy will be taken as a national mission.
  • When education is combined with the surrounding environment, it has an impact on the whole life of the student, also on the whole society. Today, if we see, pre-school playful education is limited to private schools in cities. This education system will now reach the villages as well, reach the poor's home.
  • Corona-made conditions are not always going to be the same. As children progress, they should develop more learning. It is very important that children develop Mathematical Thinking and Sai and Scientific Temperament.
  • After the announcement of National Education Policy, many people are getting many questions. What is this education policy? How is it different? What will change in this system of schools and colleges? What is there for the teacher and student in this education policy? And most importantly, what to do to implement it successfully, how to do it? The questions are legitimate as well as important. That is why we all have gathered in this program so that we can discuss and make a way forward.
  • Mathematical Thinking and Scientific Temperament is developed in children, it is very important and Mathematical Thinking is not only meant to solve the problem of Mathematics, but it is a way of thinking.
    A few days ago, the Ministry of Education had asked teachers from across the country for their suggestions on the implementation of the National Education Policy. More than 1.5 million suggestions have been received within a week. These suggestions will help in implementing the National Education Policy in a more effective manner.
  • I am glad that our principals and teachers are participating enthusiastically in this campaign to implement the National Education Policy.
  • Now the real start of work has started. Now we have to implement the National Education Policy in the same effective manner and we will do it all together.
  • The new National Education Policy is also a means of meeting new India, new expectations, new needs. Behind it is the hard work of the last four-five years, people of every field, every genre, every language have worked on it day and night. But this work has not been completed yet.
  • Every region of the world has changed in the last three decades. Every system has changed. There is hardly any aspect of our life in these three decades which is the same as before. But the path on which society moves towards the future, our education system, it was still running on the old pattern.

Earlier, Prime Minister Modi gave the inaugural address on August 7 at the Conclave on 'Transformational Reforms in Higher Education' under NEP-2020 and addressed the 'Governors' Conference on Policy on September 7. Education festival is being celebrated from 8 to 25 September to honor teachers and to advance the new education policy.

The PMO said that various webinars, virtual conferences and conclaves are being organized on many aspects of NEP. The government says that NEP-2020 is the first education policy of the 21st century, which was announced after 1968, 34 years later. NEP-2020 has been directed towards major reforms at both school and higher education levels.

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