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Third Eye: Caught on wrong foot, handson minister & balance and flexibility

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Caught on wrong footMaharashtra Congress chief Nana Patole was in the news recently after a footage showed a party worker washing his dirty feet with his hands. Later, BJP leader Keshav Upadhyaye claimed that Patole might be floating in the air after Congress demonstration in the state and added that a famous dialogue might be going in Patole’s head: “Kabhi kabhi aisa lagta hain ke apunich bhagwan hai” (sometimes it feels like I am God).Handson ministerAs he took charge of the ministry of housing and urban affairs last week, former Haryana chief minister Manohar Lal left no doubt that he will be a handson minister. In his first meeting with officers, Lal remarked he used to come to New Delhi and the ministry to get his state’s work done but now he would be expected to do the work. The next three days were spent in taking detailed presentations from all officers.Balance and flexibilityPreparations for International Yoga Day on June 21 is keeping the government and Union ministers on tenterhooks. Some ministers have even postponed routine meetings and felicitations to ensure everything is in order in districts/state capitals they will be present to participate in the morning session. First time ministers are especially enthusiastic. Even though all eyes will be on the PM’s Srinagar session, the big worry for others is that they should not be in the news for any faux pas or shortcoming.