Poison in Delhi’s air reaches dangerous level, emergency of pollution applied

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Due to pollution in Delhi, the air has started to poison. In recent times, the amount of PM2.5 particles has increased rapidly due to which there are chances of health complaints. According to experts, people should avoid getting out of the house at least till the last week of December.

It is estimated that the corona virus combined with haze and pollution is going to be even more dangerous. Lung, respiratory diseases can be caught if too much air is left outside in such bad air.

How bad Delhi's air is, it can be gauged from this that Delhi's AQI was 342 on Friday morning, whereas Mumbai had only 67. Such a difference in the quality of air in the two metros of the country clearly shows that due to air pollution in Delhi, the situation can be very frightening.

The situation is that pollution emergency has come into effect in Delhi NCR from October 15, which has been named as GRAP i.e. Graded Response Action Plan. On the first day of the implementation of GRAP, Air Quality Index 370 was registered in Delhi's Vivek Vihar area, which is a very bad situation. At the same time 285 AQIs were registered on ITO, 243 in RK Puram, 259 in Anand Vihar. Under the action plan, diesel generators have been banned in the NCR.

According to the forecast, there is no possibility of improvement on Friday also. The speed of the winds is quite slow, due to which there will be no relief in pollution levels till Friday. There is a possibility of minor relief on October 17, but it will remain in the worst category.

At the same time, cases of burning straw in Haryana, Punjab and adjoining districts are increasing rapidly. According to the information, stubble has been burnt at 740 places on 14 October. This is double this season compared to the previous two years with this season being the highest. However, due to the winds, the pollution of the Parali capital is still affecting 6 percent. This may increase in the coming times.

On the other hand, the central government has also become active in view of increasing pollution level in the capital Delhi. Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar said that 50 teams of Central Pollution Control Board will be deployed for inspection in Delhi-NCR.

He said that stubble burning in the poor environment in Delhi is only 4 percent. The rest is caused by local causes like dust, construction and burning. The pollution situation in Delhi is always severe during winter. Stubble is burning more than last year in Punjab. The central government has given so many machines. The Punjab government needs attention that the starch does not burn much

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