PM Modi To Take Part In EU-India Virtual Summit On 15 Jul

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In the midst of the Corona crisis, this time all important conferences are happening in a virtual way. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will participate in the conference to be held between the European Union and India. This conference will be held on July 15, in which there will be a brainstorm on many issues of the world along with the Corona crisis.

According to the information, this is the fifteenth conference to be held between India-EU. Which will include the federal head Charles Mitchel from the EU, Ursula, the EU commission chief. India will be represented by Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself.

This conference will mainly discuss the Corona crisis, how different countries can fight together against this epidemic. Also, there will be talk on the changing global order after the Corona crisis. Changes in the United Nations and the World Trade Organization will be discussed.

Significantly, Britain has now separated from the European Union. In such a situation, this conference will be special, in which the roadmap will be detected. In many countries of Europe, there was a lot of destruction due to the Corona crisis, but now things are starting to recover.

Many countries, including France, Germany, Italy are still facing the Corona crisis. Significantly, today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave an address in India Global Week started in Britain. Where there will be a brainstorm on investment issues in India.

Even before this, in the midst of the Corona crisis, PM Modi has been constantly talking to the heads of different countries of the world. The PM has churned everything from Russia's Vladimir Putin to Donald Trump of America.

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