Parliament Monsoon Session LIVE: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh speaking in Rajya Sabha on China’s misdeeds

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Today is the fourth day of the monsoon session of Parliament. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will make a statement in the Rajya Sabha today about the ongoing tension with China. Right now there is a discussion about Corona in the Rajya Sabha. Stay with us for instant updates ...

Our army inflicted heavy losses on China. There is a difference between China's words and actions: Rajnath Singh

If tensions continue on the border, it will directly affect bilateral relations: Rajnath Singh

On June 15, 20 of our soldiers were killed in a violent clash in the Galvan Valley. After this, PM Modi encouraged the soldiers by going to Ladakh: Rajnath Singh

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh's statement in Rajya Sabha over tensions with China. Many agreements were made to restore peace. China does not accept formal boundaries.

Bilateral relations will be affected if there is tension on the borderIn the Rajya Sabha, Rajnath Singh has said in a strict tone that if there is tension on the LAC, the relationship cannot be cordial.

We are currently number two in the case of Corona Testing, but in a few days we will leave America behind in this case too: Harshvardhan

Due to the steps taken by the Central Government in collaboration with the states on Corona, our situation has improved compared to the rest of the world. Whether we compare with America, Brazil or any other country, but in case of million cases or million death rate, our situation is better than the rest: Harshvardhan

On January 7, we were informed by the WHO that a corona case was found in China. We started meetings on this from 8th January: Harshvardhan

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