Opening things without any control is like inviting mayhem: who

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Geneva. World Health Organization () Director-General Tredos Adhanom Ghebresus has said that he wants to see children returning to schools, people going back to work, but at the same time no country should behave like an epidemic. It is over. Addressing a virtual press conference in Geneva on Monday, he said that if a country is really serious about normalizing the situation, then they have to stop the transmission of viruses and save lives, according to the Xinhua agency . .

" without is like inviting mayhem," Tredos said. He emphasized four important things that need to be done - prohibiting mass celebrations, carrying out their responsibilities by the people, taking appropriate steps by the government to detect a contagious person, finding and isolating them , Checking, caring as well as keeping an eye towards someone being infected.

Meanwhile, a survey was conducted in more than 100 countries by the WHO, of which 90 per cent of the nations saw that people there experienced disruptions in health services during the epidemic. At the conference on Monday, Trados said that according to this survey, people from countries with low and middle income levels were more affected by it.

The survey, he said, shows that up to 70 per cent of services for essential services have been disrupted, including regular vaccinations, treatment for non-communicable diseases, family planning and contraception, diagnosis of mental health disorders and cancer.

Tredos further said, however, that only 14 percent of the countries have been where user fees or user fees have been exempted, for which the organization has already suggested that the people have suffered financially. To be repaid. He further stated that the WHO will continue to cooperate with the countries so that they can retain essential services.

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