On Sunday, Mayor Ijaz Dhebar reached the immersion pool and took stock of the preparations.

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The corporation has prepared immersion of idols in the immersion pool at Mahadev Ghat from 1 to 4 September. On Sunday, Mayor Ejaz Dhebar and took stock of the preparations. The mayor has directed that it would be mandatory for all persons arriving for immersion to wear masks and also to observe social distance. For this, special volunteers will be deployed on behalf of the corporation, who will advise people in this regard. The mayor said that there should be sufficient distance between the immersions of the two idols.

All facilities will be near the pool

Corporation Raipur has made necessary arrangements for immersion including lighting, barricading, sanitization spray, water for immersion, crane, diver, cleaning, stage arrangement around the pond. Zone Commissioner of Zone 8 told the Mayor that all the arrangements will be available on a cyclical basis 24 hours from 6 am on September 1 to 4 pm on September 4.

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