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On Hathras incident, Chief Minister tries to place Samajwadi Party in dock

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On Hathras incident, Chief Minister tries to put Samajwadi Party in dock

Facing the Opposition’s onslaught over the legislation and order scenario in Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday invoked the current homicide in Hathras to take a dig at Samajwadi Party.
Referring to crimson caps worn by Samajwadi Party members, Adityanath stated within the Assembly: “Yeh Hathras ki ghatna ne topi ko phir se kadhghare mein khara kiya hai… Kal Hathras mein jo durbhagya-purna ghatna ghatit hui, kya Samajwadi Party ka us apradhi se koyi sambandh nahi hai?… Har aparadhi ke saath, samajwadi shabda kyon joor jata hai, main yahi puchna chahta hun. Yeh kaun si sthiti, kaun si majboori hai? (The Hathras incident has once again put the caps in a dock… Is there no link of Samajwadi Party to yesterday’s unfortunate incident that took place in Hathras?… Why Samajwadi word is associated with every criminal… I just want to ask this… Why the situation is such? What is the helplessness?)”
The Chief Minister was referring to the homicide of a 50-year-old man in Hathras on Monday, allegedly by a person accused of molesting his daughter two years in the past. Since the incident got here to gentle, the BJP has been alleging that the primary accused is related to Samajwadi Party (SP). The SP, nevertheless, has denied the declare.

After the Chief Minister’s comment, Leader of Opposition Ram Govind Chaudhary, who belongs to the Samajwadi Party, claimed that he too had pictures of the accused with one of many BJP MPs.

To this, the Chief Minister requested if the accused had put up posters for Samajwadi Party.
“While once socialist leaders like Acharya Narendra Dev, Jai Prakash, Lohia were respected, the samajwadi (socialist) movement has now been turned into an impractical, non-social and inhuman movement,” the Chief Minister stated.