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Nuakhai Festival 2020: New harvest festival, due to Corona, this time the color will be slightly different

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Nuakhai Festival 2020:  Chhattisgarh, known as the rice bowl, is known for its farming traditions. Its festivals – festivals, farming – are based on harvest. From the planting of paddy to harvesting, the farmers celebrate various types of mass festivals and festivals. Nawakhai festival is celebrated when the paddy crop starts coming to Bali. Although people celebrate the festival by celebrating it publicly, but this time due to Corona, preparations are being made to celebrate this traditional festival in a slightly different way.

The festival of Nawakhai in Bastar Zone will be celebrated with great pomp on Saturday 27 August. It is a major festival of farmers in Bastar. On this day, new rice rice is first offered to the Kuldevi in ​​the house. After this, Bhog is offered to Kuldevi. People enjoy rice as a Prasad. It is believed that every member of the family should enjoy new rice rice on that day. Ancestors are also worshiped on this day in Bastar. Government employees or businessmen living in far-flung areas, definitely arrive at their home on this day to enjoy new rice, that is, to eat Nayanwa and to celebrate.

Buy new clothes

Preparations for the festival of Nuakhai begin almost a week in advance. The villagers must buy new textile clothes for Nuakhai just like Diwali and Eid. All the members of the house wear new clothes and worship Kuldevi and other deities. After this, a new grain meal is taken with the wish of a good harvest. With this festival, compassion for the happiness and prosperity of the farmer is associated. In West Orissa, this festival is celebrated on this day. Being on the border, there is a lot of similarity in the culture of both the states. The festival of Nuakhai is celebrated every year after Ganesh Chaturthi on Navami Tithi, the Navami Tithi of Bhadra Paksha. Due to this, people consider it appropriate to immerse Ganesha before Navami to celebrate Nawakhai. A large number of people immerse Ganesha before Navami Tithi for the purpose of celebrating the new trench festival.

Gift offering

This nuakhai mahaparva ends with a gift offering. On this day, on this day, forget the differences and fight- quarrels and touch the feet of the elders and ask for blessings. Now, gradually the trend is changing and people perform the program of Nuakhai Juhar from place to place, which also shows the political color, but this time due to Corona, such events will not take place.

Corona will have an effect

The new food festival is traditionally celebrated with great pomp among farmers and tribals. In view of the period of corona virus infection, mass events will be organized in a limited manner and people will have to wear masks and participate in the event. Given the rules of Kovid 19, physical distance will also have to be followed. No big event will be held in Nuakhani this year. In its earlier years, grand celebrations were held in the presence of MLAs, Ministers, MPs for a visit to Nava Khani

The meeting takes place before the festival

A meeting is held in the village 2 or 3 days before the festival to decide the outline of celebrating Nawakhai. In which it is also decided that when and how the festival of Thakur Johrani will be celebrated, who will be the chief guest, the chief guest on Thakur Johrani is decided on this day. Also, other topics are also discussed. Sarva Samaj Sangathan District President Bangaram Sori said that Nava Khani’s festival has been celebrated for generations. On Thursday, after the worship of the Gods and Goddesses, there will also be new paddy worship. In view of Kovid-19 this year, we will celebrate the festival of Nava Khani, following the guidelines of the government. Where Thakur Johrani used to celebrate every year with great pomp, this year will be the only ritual.

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