Now the administration has dug up the road to stop the sand mafia

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: To curb illegal mining and transportation of sand despite the ban, the mineral department is now engaged in keeping the road closed as well as making panchayat representatives aware. The team led by mineral inspector RL Rajput reached the spot after the published in Newdunya about illegal excavation of tractors from Udaipur, Lakhanpur and Ambikapur.

The illegal traffickers of sand had realized this. Not a single tractor was seen on the spot, but evidence of sand storage and transport was found. In many places, due to sand excavation, large pits were formed. The team from the Mineral Department called for an excavator to prevent vehicles from reaching the site for sand transport. Road was excavated from the excavator. Conducting several feet of deep, wide excavation will not allow vehicles to reach the sand excavation site. The same arrangement has been made on both sides of the road. This barrier can also be easily removed by those involved in the illegal sand trade. The movement of vehicles can also be done easily by filling the pit.

The mineral inspector said that the department is trying to effectively curb illegal mining and transportation, but it will be successful only when the panchayat representatives of the concerned area also come forward. He inspired the Panchayat representatives, including the sarpanch secretary, to remain alert for the illegal mining and transportation of sand. Sand excavation is currently banned. The panchayat will also get royalty on sand mining operations, this amount can be used in village development.

Let us tell you that the price of sand has been increased manifold these days in Surguja district. Instead of sand, many people have started using crusher dust and cement for the construction of bricks. The actions of the Mineral Department are also around the road. Crusher dust vehicles also face charges of illegal extortion in the name of fines. The Department of Minerals does not take any action against those with access and influence. A small amount of crusher dust manga is imposed on vehicles of people desirous of heavy duty.

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