Nothing should be done against India from Afghanistan’s land, Jaishankar said on talks with Taliban

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Afghanistan Taliban peace talks: Foreign Minister S Jaishankar while addressing the conference in Doha said that Afghanistan should control the entire peace talks. The dialogue should be promoting human rights and democracy.


  • Consensus reached between Afghanistan and Taliban, hope for peace
  • US and NATO soldiers can return from Afghanistan after 19 years
  • India said in a conference in Doha, Afghanistan should control the conversation
  • Foreign Minister made it clear, Afghan land not to be used against India

New Delhi: 's anti-Afghanistan camp is going to start negotiations after a decades-long conflict. This will pave the way for US and NATO troops to return from Afghanistan after nearly 19 years. Talks will begin in Qatar where Afghanistan is the Taliban's political office. India also attended a conference on the Afghan peace process in Doha. Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said that the expectation of India is that the land of Afghanistan should not be used for any anti-India activities. He said through video conferencing that control of the dialogue should remain in the hands of Afghanistan.

Foreign Minister Le explained, how should the conversation
Jaishankar addressed both sides and said that the peace process should be under the leadership of Afghanistan and should be controlled by him. He said that dialogue should respect the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Afghanistan. The dialogue should be such that promotes human rights and democracy. He asked both sides to ensure the interests of minorities, women and the helpless. Apart from this, Jaishankar also stressed on taking effective measures to prevent violence across the country.

The Foreign Minister expressed hope that India-Afghanistan relations will be further strengthened. He said that there is no corner of Afghanistan where more than 400 development projects of India have not reached. He said that the friendship between the people of both countries is evidence of our history with Afghanistan.

Talks on the initiative of Trump administration
The talks between Afghanistan and the Taliban are taking place at the initiative of the administration of US President Donald Trump. Trump has undertaken several diplomatic activities ahead of the presidential election in the US in November. He is bringing Israel closer to the Middle East. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will also be present during the start of Afghanistan's internal talks on Saturday. Earlier, two Gulf countries - Bahrain on Friday and the United Arab Emirates recognized Israel in US mediation earlier this month.

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