Report Wire - NGO’s theatrics of Ganesha murti holding sanitary napkins will get slammed by outraged Hindus

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NGO’s theatrics of Ganesha murti holding sanitary napkins will get slammed by outraged Hindus

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NGO’s theatrics of Ganesha murti holding sanitary napkins gets slammed by outraged Hindus

It is claimed {that a} society mustn’t enable the enterprise class to outline the morality of the day, as they are going to bend round any current social constructions to maximise their profiteering agenda. Hindus are presently going through this existential risk. Be it Holi, Diwali, Durgasthami, Rakshabandhan, Bhai Dooj, Mahashivratri or another multitudes of festivals being celebrated by Hindus, the virtue-signaling NGOs being funded by amoral multi-national corporations to promote their merchandise have been utilizing these festivals for his or her nefarious agendas. This time they’ve used Bhagwan Ganesha and the Ganesh Chaturthi competition for it.Also learn: Bash Navratri and Ganesh Chaturthi, extol Eid and Bakrid – this movie web site’s ‘sickularism’ will flip your abdomenAlso learn: ‘Holi is rape culture,’ vicious Anti-Hindu propaganda equipment is working time beyond regulation to color Holi as a felony festivalActivism going HaywireAn NGO named ‘Anivarya’, based and run by an Indore-based creator referred to as Ankit Bagdi, has used Ganesh Idol to unfold consciousness about menstrual hygiene in Madhya Pradesh. In a transparent try at virtue-signaling, the NGO has established a statue of Bhagwan Ganesha holding Sanitary Napkin, inside their workplace, as seen within the picture beneath. Thankfully, they didn’t tinker with the murtis of devis Riddhi and Siddhi and each are sitting simply beside Bhagwan Ganesha in keeping with the customized. The picture was shared by an Instagram web page named India Times, claiming that the NGO named Anivarya wished to painting Bhagwan Ganesha as a ‘responsible husband promoting menstrual hygiene’.(PC: Indiatimes)As quickly because the picture went on-line on Instagram, Hindus slammed the NGO for his or her inconsiderate and tasteless propaganda. Commenting on the submit, a feminine person going by the username ‘okayrchii’ wrote- “Spreading awareness on hygiene is one thing and literally sticking out pad’s in God’s idol is another”.  Another person ‘Jagrutikhanna’ wrote “This is stupidity, there are far better ways to stop awareness” and a girl ‘vaishnavivaity1516’ referred to as out the NGO for its disrespect in direction of Bhagwan Ganesha. ‘Kavita_Sharma’ challenged the NGO to do this sort of stunt on the Muslim Community when she wrote- “All kinds of awareness for feminism or what so ever they will try to show through Hindu Gods only..Kisi din Hari Chadar walo ki jagah ye napkin chadha kr awareness btao, (Someday , put these napkins in front of Green sheet holders and tell them about the awareness).”Also learn: Red Label Ganesh Chaturthi Ad makes Hindus seem like Racist fools AND helps HUL deflect monetary wrongdoing newsAt the time of writing, greater than 1000 feedback have been made criticising the vile agenda. Seeing the ‘trade wind’ blowing in opposition to this propaganda-fueled thought, the NGO eliminated the statue and apologised.The founder Ankit Bagdi said- “We have the utmost respect for the Hindu religion and its beliefs. Our campaign wasn’t aimed at hurting anyone’s feelings or sentiments. On behalf of our organisation, we tender an unconditional apology for inadvertently hurting the sentiments of the public in general. Our volunteers have removed the objectionable items from the tableau”.Why solely Hindu Festivals?This isn’t the primary time a Hindu competition has been utilized by NGOs to additional their agendas. Festivals like Karwa-Chauth, Teej, Raksha Bandhan, Bhai-Dooj have been turning into ‘tools to oppress women’ for the NGOs and profit-seeking corporations, whereas the competition of Holi turns into a instrument to avoid wasting water and additional their ‘climate-catastrophe agenda’ for the multinational corporations. Similarly, celebrities and corporations ‘lecture’ Hindus yearly about noise air pollution relating to celebrating Diwali, however relating to their very own marriages or new-year celebrations, they don’t miss a beat in bursting costly and extremely corrosive crackers.Also learn: Bhogi Bashing and Selective Shaming of Hindu FestivalsWhereas elevating the notice of menstrual hygiene is vital, why should it’s completed at the price of hurting spiritual sentiments? Seldom do ‘celebrities’ give an animal safety lecture on consuming Turkey on the eve of Christmas. PETA doesn’t increase any query in regards to the slaughtering of Goats by Muslims on Bakrid. Recently Taliban banned Afghan feminine sportspersons citing it to be in opposition to Quran – nobody has dared to submit an image of Prophet Mohammad holding Bat or Football in his hand.Also learn: An abominable act in a Hindu Minority state, Bhagwan Ganesha idol faraway from NIT MeghalayaThere are numerous methods to unfold menstrual hygiene’s consciousness. Why don’t these NGOs deal with these environment friendly strategies, somewhat than concentrating on nearly each Hindu competition in an try to additional agendas? Despite a number of requests to depart Hindu festivals alone, the anti-Hindu organizations proceed to relentlessly peddle their hatred by way of hurtful and unwarranted focused campaigns.