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PM Modi shared video of Modhera’s Sun Temple, said- panoramic view in the rain

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Rivers are in spate due to continuous rains in Gujarat. The problem of waterlogging is coming up everywhere. A relaxed video has emerged amidst all the problems. This video has been tweeted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself. Amidst the rains, a bird’s eye view of Modhera’s Sun Temple was found.

While tweeting the video of Modhera’s Sun Temple, Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote that the iconic Sun Temple of Modhera is looking spectacular on a rainy day. Significantly, in many districts of Gujarat, it has been raining continuously for the last few days. Dam overflows have occurred in many districts of the state. After the situation worsens, reservoir gates are being opened.

It has been raining in Kutch for many days. Its effect is also seen in other areas. The entire Kutch city has been transformed into a sea. Vehicles are seen floating. Orgy of heavy rains is also seen in Gir Somnath. The situation has become so uncontrollable that even Rawal Dam is overfloor. After the torrential rains caused dam ovalflow, five gates had to be opened.

Due to the opening of Rawal Dam, the administration issued an alert in 18 villages. All the dams of Gir Somnath have the same condition. The condition of Morbi district is also bad. The National Highway 27 connecting Morbi and Kutch is submerged, hence the movement has been stopped. It has been raining continuously for two days. Due to this, all the dams of the district have been overflowed.

Even in Rajkot, the sky is unaccounted for. After heavy rains, the situation has become such that the dams are full. After realizing the danger of increasing the water level in the reservoirs, the administration is opening their gates one by one. On Monday, 6 doors of Mojam Dam were opened. In the last part of the Swami Narayan temple of Rajkot, only water has been filled.

In Junagadh, Gujarat, the situation has become very serious. In many places, water is overflowing over the bridge. People are crossing the river, risking their lives from the same danger. The Tapti River in Surat is desperate to destroy everything. Due to continuous rains for many days, the water level in the river has reached a dangerous level.

Things have become very serious in Ahmedabad too. After the situation became fragile, about one and a half lakh cusecs of water had to be released from the Mahisagar Kadna Dam into the Mahi River. Due to this many bridges were submerged in water. Now the administration has alerted the people settled in the low-lying area. Traffic has also been stopped.

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