New responsibility to teachers:Teachers searching door-to-door corona patients now have new task to take students exam

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Teachers searching door-to-door Koreana patients have been given a new task of continuous assessment of children studying online and offline without any security arrangements during the period. Even though it is being named continuous assessment by the Department of Education, But it will be an examination in a way. Through assessment, the teacher will see what the children have learned so far. Its report will be submitted to the Education Department. This system of continuous assessment will be applicable from class I to XII. Instructions have been given to all district education officers of the state on behalf of the Education Department. In the order issued, it has also been told that how will the teachers continuously evaluate each child? Its full schedule has also been prepared. The entire program of continuous assessment is being prepared through the State Council of Educational Research. According to academics, the full format of assessment will be the same as the examination. From this, it will be known how much impact is being done on the children being studied online or offline during the corona period. Children taking studies seriously or not? Education department is getting so much success. The order issued in this regard states that the success of the evaluation is known Will work. Also, this situation will also be clear as to how the program being run for studies can be improved.

The teacher will give the details of how many children have
been teaching since when, the teachers will have to give online information in the education department website about how many and in which class they are teaching children. Each child's name and address will have to be entered. This information will also be recorded in that when and where they are teaching children. The format of continuous assessment will be given to them on the same basis.

Appreciation letter to more children who are teaching to children,
in an order issued by the Education Department, it has been said that 100 or more children will be given platinum commendation letters to teachers who evaluate them continuously till the month of January. Similarly, teachers who evaluate children from 75 to 100 will be given a Gold Commendation Card. Teachers evaluating 50 to 75 children will be awarded with a Silver Commendation Card. In the same way, 25 to 50 children will be taught continuously and those who evaluate them will be awarded with Braj and a simple appreciation letter evaluating 10 to 20 children. This appreciation letter will be given in the first week of February for evaluation by January.

Teachers teaching in mohallas will be applicable In
many areas of the state where online classes are not being conducted, teachers are conducting studies through loud speakers with the help of local people. This rule will also apply to those teachers. They will evaluate the children studying.

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