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New feature added to Google Drive, now it will be easy to search

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Google Drive is generally used by users working in office or keeping records of data. To further improve this service, a new update of the Google Drive mobile app has been released. Through this, now it is going to be very easy for users to search in Google Drive. For example, if you do not remember the name of a file, you will now be able to search the format of that file as well. The new update has been released for both Android and iOS.

In this new update, the company has also given the option to show recent files, which will be synced to the desktop. This means that if you have opened any file in the drive even on the desktop version, then you will see this file in the app version in recent. This new update has been released to make searching in Google Drive easier.

Apart from this, intelligent decoration has also been added to Google Drive. The advantage of this is that when you think of doing some search, Google will give you some suggestions (suggestions) based on recent usage, out of which you can choose files according to your choice.

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