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Naseeruddin Shah Comments on The Kerala Story’s Success, Compares it With Hitler’s Regime

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Home LeisureNaseeruddin Shah Comments on The Kerala Story’s Success, Compares it With Hitler’s Regime

Naseeruddin Shah, after saying ‘hate in opposition to Muslim has transform fashionable’, now suggestions on the Box Office success of ‘The Kerala Story’ and the best way people didn’t go to have a look at motion pictures like ‘Bheed’, ‘Faraaz’ and ‘Afwaah’.

Naseeruddin Shah dismisses The Kerala Story (Photo created by Gaurav Gautam for

Naseeruddin Shah on The Kerala Story: Naseeruddin Shah has been throughout the enterprise prolonged adequate to see it altering, evolving, and on the same time, going backward when it comes to making important cinema. The veteran actor says the filmmakers are being employed to please the federal authorities and to ‘praise the leader’ the best way through which it’d happen throughout the events when Hitler was predominant the best way through which.


Shah, who’s promoting his ZEE5 current ‘Taj: Reign of Revenge‘ in which he plays the role of Mughal emperor Akbar, spoke in length about the Box Office success of ‘The Kerala Story‘ and if it’s propaganda. The veteran actor talked about that he hasn’t seen the film and he doesn’t even intend to have a look at it. Speaking to India Today, he acknowledged, “Worthwhile films like ‘Bheed‘, ‘Afwaah‘, ‘Faraaz‘, all three collapsed. Nobody went to see them, but they are flocking to see ‘The Kerala Story‘ which I have not seen, and I don’t intend to see because I have read enough about it.”

He in distinction the launch of films like ‘The Kerala Story‘ to what Hitler used to do to unfold his agenda all through. He acknowledged, “On one hand, it is a dangerous trend, no doubt. We seem to be heading the way of Nazi Germany where in Hitler’s time, the filmmakers were co-opted, attempted to be co-opted, by the supreme leader to make films praising him and what he has done for the countrymen, and running down the Jewish community.”

Shah, who has been an brisk critic of the Narendra Modi-led BJP authorities, acknowledged he is hopeful that points will finally transform increased and hate just isn’t going to take over on the end of all of it. The 72-year-old acknowledged he’s conscious of there’s nonetheless time for points to differ nevertheless ‘it will disappear’.


Earlier, whereas chatting with the data firm PTI in a single different interview, Shah opined that the film enterprise was certainly not a socially aware physique nor it is proper this second. He acknowledged even these that may converse, concern speaking their minds because of there’s a danger of ‘personal harassment’ want it occurred throughout the case of Shah Rukh Khan. The in fashion actor recalled the arrest of SRK’s son Aryan Khan in a drugs case ultimate 12 months and known as it a ‘message’ by people who want to unfold the hate. He acknowledged the incident was a message that ‘if we can do this to Shah Rukh Khan, we can do this to anybody.’

Your concepts on Shah’s views in regards to the success of ‘The Kerala Story‘?