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Naseeruddin Shah Admits Using Filmfare Awards as Washroom Door Handles

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Home LeisureNaseeruddin Shah Admits Using Filmfare Awards as Washroom Door Handles

Naseeruddin Shah not too way back admitted that he makes use of Filmfare awards as washroom door handles in his farmhouse.

Naseeruddin Shah Admits Using Filmfare Awards as Washroom Door Handles

Naseeruddin Shah Admits Using Filmfare Awards as Door Handles: Naseeruddin Shah is known for his good artistry and is among the many most revered Indian actors all through the globe. The veteran who not too way back gained accolades for portraying the character of emperor Akbar in Taj: Divided by Blood is as soon as extra once more with the second season of the epic current. Apart from being a thespian par excellence, Naseeruddin might be acknowledged for speaking up his ideas on socio-political factors. Be it cinema or society, the Taj: Divided by Blood actor under no circumstances shies away from calling a spade a spade. He not too way back spoke about well-liked film awards in an interview.


In an interaction with The Lallantop, Naseeruddin talked about, “Any actor who has put their life and effort into portraying a role is a good actor. If you just pick one person from the lot and say that ‘this is the best actor of the year’, how’s it fair? I am not proud of those awards. I did not even go collect the last two awards I received. So, when I built a farmhouse, I decided to put these awards there. Whoever goes to the washroom will get two awards each as the handles are made of the Filmfare awards.” He further added, “I don’t find any value in these trophies. I was happy when I received the initial ones. But then, trophies started piling up around me. Sooner or later, I understood that these awards are a result of lobbying. One is receiving these awards not necessarily because of their merit. So I started leaving them behind. After that, when I received Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan, it reminded me of my deceased father who used to always be worried about my job and said things like ‘if you do this useless work, you will become a fool’. So, when I went to Rashtrapati Bhavan to collect the awards, I looked up and asked my dad if he was seeing all this… He was… and I am sure he was happy… I was happy to receive those awards. But I can’t stand these competitive awards.”

Naseeruddin was closing seen inside the silver-screen in Aasmaan Bhardwaj’s Kuttey.

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