Monsoon session of Parliament will start from Monday, know the timing and guidelines

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2020: The Monsoon Session of Parliament starts on 14 September. The system has been changed for this first session of Parliament to be held in the Corona period. Both houses will have work for a period of four hours on the first day. On all other days, Rajya Sabha will function from 9 am to 1 and Lok Sabha from 3 to 7 pm, including weekends. Meanwhile, the menu of the canteen of Parliament has also been revealed. However, nothing will be made in the canteen this time. All food will be called from outside. It is reported that this time Crispy Kachori, Cheese Roll and Chicken Biryani will be served specially during the Parliament Monsoon Session. Apart from this, Veg Pettis, Paneer Pakora, Veg Kebab, Veg Sandwich, Paneer Tikka, Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla will also enhance the taste. The price of crispy kachori has been kept at just Rs 10. This menu has been prepared by the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha Secretariat.

In the canteen of the Parliament, apart from the Parliaments, staff and media persons can also have food. However, in view of the corona epidemic, very few outsiders are allowed this time. Only current MPs will be allowed entry into the Central Hall. Even former MPs will not be able to enter here.

Know the dishes and their prices found in the canteen

This time a limited menu has been kept in the canteen of Parliament. This food will be packaged and served in disposable containers. Water, tea and coffee will also be served in paper cups. Breakfast included Paneer Roll (Rs 28), Crispy Kachori (Rs 10), Spring Roll (Rs 70), Samosa (Rs 10.90), Veg Pettis (Rs 25), Paneer Pakora (Rs 15.90), Veg Kebab (Rs 75) Will be Apart from this, Veg Sandwich (Rs 19.75) and Paneer Tikka (Rs 125) will also be served. For sweet lovers, Gulab Jamun (Rs. 12.40) will be an alternative to Rasgulla (Rs. 12.50).

A 105-rupee vegetarian thali and a non-vegetarian thaari of 150 rupees will be served for MPs. Idli, vada, mini dosa, sambar and chutney with mini uttapam South Indian thali will also be available for Rs 110. Non-veg meals will include fried chicken / fish, sandwiches / croissants, boiled vegetables, butter and ketchup.

Other options include Veg Biryani (Rs 75) with Raita and Chicken Biryani with Raita (Rs 100). Poha / upma with chutney is priced at Rs 55 and idli / vada with chutney will be available for Rs 50. The packing fee for the food in the cardboard boxes will be 3 to 5 rupees extra and each paper glass and paper plate will cost one rupee

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